Covid Bulletin

Covid Bulletin

This section is to advise you on how my practice will go forward at this stage of the Covid pandemic. I know that many of you are seeking appointments, and many of you have ongoing medical issues that require regular follow-up care. The good news is that thanks to Operation Warp Speed, an end, or a beginning, is in sight.

We hope to open the office by late spring/ early summer. Because the practice of Pediatric Ophthalmology is not conducive to Telehealth and requires close patient contact, we need to arrive at a place where many adults are vaccinated and the number of new cases is low. As a solo practitioner in charge of all aspects of my practice, it will be a challenge to transition to the scheduling and procedural restrictions required to protect my patients, their families, and my staff.

I appreciate all the kindness and consideration my patients have shown to date. As I’ve previously stated, I will continue to help you obtain the eye care you need as follows:

Those of you who visit yearly for routine care could see another eye doctor this year. I have excellent eye care colleagues. Pertinent records will be mailed to you before your eye exam elsewhere. Please give me fair notice to prepare these records.

If you wear contact lenses, I can continue to order your lenses without delay and have them shipped directly to your house.

Patients with eye muscle problems, amblyopia or other medical problems will need to be referred elsewhere on a case by case basis. This includes adult patients with strabismus and those who need surgery. Please call the office or send an email through our website if we haven’t already contacted you to arrange urgent follow up eye examinations.

We are here for you and reachable for questions, prescriptions, contact lenses and records. Please call the office (301) 977-0167 and leave a voice mail at any time. If your call is not returned in a timely fashion, use the office email on the web page to communicate with us.

Lastly, please email us to provide an email address so that we may easily notify you of our plans and date for reopening the office. I will look forward to seeing all of you again. My thoughts are with you as this pandemic has been so hard on so many.